Canada’s new drunk driving law: Police get sweeping powers without due process!

Wow. Just wow... Police officers in Canada will be able to suspend your driver's license and fine you without a trial and without any criminal charges ever having been filed. This is just crazy! My friend and fellow DUI lawyer, John Hunsucker, recently won a major victory before the Oklahoma Supreme Court, after Oklahoma lawmakers tried to automatically suspend a person's driver's license without a legal conviction. As the court held in that case, "We conclude the Impaired Driving Elimination Act 2 is unconstitutional in its entirety, and we need not adjudicate petitioners' remaining claims challenging either the Act or the Governor's Executive Order."


Canada's new drunk driving law may grant police sweeping powers & strip citizens of due process. Published time: 30 ... The western Canadian province of Alberta is preparing to give police wide discretion on whether to criminally charge drunk drivers in a move that is being blasted by defense lawyers.
Changes are coming to the way drunk drivers are policed and prosecuted in Alberta with the provincial government set to issue a directive to police that will largely decriminalize impaired driving, CBC News has learned. Officers will be given wide discretion whether to criminally charge those who blow ...