NEEDS Assessment Survey for PSI / Presentence Investigation Report

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If you take a plea to an alcohol-related offense (super drunk, OWI, or impaired), or if you are convicted of a qualifying alcohol-related offense, you must undergo a mandatory screening and assessment as a matter of law. MCL 257.625b(5) states, "Before imposing sentence for a violation of section 625(1), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), or (8) or a local ordinance substantially corresponding to section 625(1), (3), (6), or (8), the court shall order the person to undergo screening and assessment by a person or agency designated by the office of substance abuse services to determine whether the person is likely to benefit from rehabilitative services, including alcohol or drug education and alcohol or drug treatment programs."
Two standardized tests are used across the state to conduct the mandatory screening and assessment. The first, the Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST), which is also sometimes referred to as the Michigan Alcohol Assessment Test, is a simple test that relies on self-reported behavior. Because the MAST Test is easily fooled, many probation departments do not use it. That said, however, most legitimate substance abuse counselors do use the MAST Test. Because a private alcohol counselor spends far more time working with the test-taker, the private alcohol counselor will likely recognize dishonest responses on the MAST Test.
Most Michigan probation departments utilize the NEEDS Assessment Survey. In my opinion, the NEEDS Assessment Survey is garbage. The test contains around 20 trick questions that are designed to determine whether the balance of responses are "honest" answers. It is a goofy psychological test.

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