Substance Abuse Evaluation | What To Know to Win Your Hearing

How to Win Your Hearing 


A big step towards  Michigan Drivers license restoration,  will be to obtain a substance abuse evaluation.   This required evaluation will be performed by a qualified evaluator no more than 3 months prior to being submitted along with the other supporting documents required by the Drivers Assessment and Appeals Division / DAAD. Knowing what to expect and being prepared is of utmost importance when dealing with something as vital as regaining your Michigan drivers license.  By the time we hear from someone in need of this service, they have spent a lot of time waiting to get to this point.  The services we provide help you walk through the process with the confidence and preparation needed to be successful.  We will take the time to work with each person until they are ready to proceed successfully.  The ultimate outcome of winning your license back, is our priority.  This is why we have helped so many people get back on the road, and back to living their life. 


Maze Legal Group can help you prepare for your alcohol evaluation as well as preparing all of the other necessary documents so that you will be successful in getting your drivers license back. Let us guide you through the process of restoring your driving privileges today.   William Maze has been helping people in Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville, Trenton, Woodhaven and Taylor, just to name a few places, get their Michigan Driver's License restored for nearly 20 years.  We work closely with a highly skilled substance abuse evaluator to make sure you are in the best hands. From start to finish you need the right people to help you sort out this process.   We understand it can be confusing and you probably have many questions, that is what we want to help you with.



Materials Needed for Substance Abuse Assessment


When you are preparing for your appointment you will need to gather the necessary information before hand.   The Drivers Assessment and Appeals Division/DAAD supplies a Substance Use Evaluation Form to be filled out by your evaluator regarding your assessment.  A few of the things you will need are as follows:


  • Dates of all previous convictions.  This includes driving or non driving convictions, along with the Blood Alcohol Content at the time of the incident, and or drug involved.


  • Lifetime Treatment history for alcohol and or drug use.  You will need to list the out-patient, in-patient, detoxification, drivers safety intervention courses, and other education.  Have this prepared prior to your appointment with the beginning and ending dates of each instance.


  • Support Group Requirements.   Please detail the support groups you have, or are still attending.  List the type of group, such as A.A./N.A., and also your sponsor if you had one.


  • Results of recent 10- panel drug screen.  If you have not obtained one you will be referred to a lab to have this done.


  • Lifetime Abstinence History.   Please list the dates of periods of abstinence (beginning-ending dates) detail what you were abstaining from (alcohol, prescription drugs, controlled substance, etc), if the abstinence was not continued, why?


  • Letters supporting Sobriety.  If your letters are completed they can help during your evaluation and should be provided.   Please keep originals for submitting the the DAAD/ Drivers Assessment and Appeals Division.




Restoration of Your Michigan Drivers License


The substance abuse evaluator will administer assessment tests to help determine your likelihood of repeat drunk driving incidents as well as to determine the risk of substance abuse relapse.   The hearing officer at the DAAD will be looking to this evaluation to help determine if you are ready to have your driving privileges restored.   The hearing officer will also be looking for consistency in your evaluation and letters.  One thing should support the other. The combination of this substance abuse evaluation, and your letters of  community support will help determine that you are no longer at risk for repeat offenses.  



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Call and talk to WIlliam Maze for your free consultation and find out what you need to do to get your Michigan Drivers license back. Whether you are in Oakland County,  Macomb County, Wayne County, or Washtenaw County you need the help of our qualified team on your side.  We have conveniently located offices to help you.    After your consultation we can help you get started with preparing your letters of recommendation, and by referring you to a qualified Michigan Substance Abuse Evaluator.    Call or submit a free online evaluation as the first step in regaining your freedom and independence.  We know that driving is important to you, and we are hear to answer all of your questions, now and later when you are working through the process.