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MADD and Criminal Defense Lawyers vs. Police and Lawmakers: Decriminalizing Drunk Driving

Here's a strange one... Up in Canada, drunk driving laws that suspend a motorist's driving privileges have been declared unlawful. (I am unclear on the reason why the current Canadian laws were stricken by the courts, but lawmakers have been forced to reevaluate their current laws.) The police and local lawmakers have responded by moving to decriminalize drunk driving. This is just incredible. Even more incredible? MADD and defense attorneys agree that this move is wrong!

OWI Marijuana - Operating While Intoxicated Under the Influence of Marijuana: California's Approach to the Issue

Note how the DRE officer, Jennifer Tate, claims that she can detect someone who is impaired by marijuana, presumably because she is just a really, really great, and really, really smart expert. But compare her ridiculous claims to the story of Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) who arrest totally innocent people